Thursday, 27 November 2014

NASS Fracas: Nda-Isaiah Condemns Blockade, Seeks Reform Of Police

A presidential aspirant on the platform of the APC and founder of LEADERSHIP Group, Mr. Sam Nda- Isaiah has condemned the recent blockade of the National Assembly by the police.

Nda-Isaiah also said the police who are officers of the law should be at the forefront of upholding the law and not to allow themselves to be used by politicians no matter how highly placed, to serve their political interests.

A statement by the spokesman for the Sam4Nigeria Presidential Campaign Organisation, Mr David Chinda, also quoted Nda-Isaiah as calling for the reform of the Nigeria Police Force so as to ensure that the top leadership of the force are not beholden to the executive, the judiciary or the legislative arm of government.

That, he said is the only way they can be truly impartial and do their jobs to the letter of the law. The police he said should uphold the law and not uphold politicians.

The presidential aspirant said as the largest democracy in Africa and the Middle East, so many countries look up to Nigeria’s leadership and it was a shame that pictures of our lawmakers jumping over the National Assembly fence to enable them do their duties is trending all over the world.

Nigeria, he said does not need such divisive, dictatorial actions but needs the highest concentration of our energies for a rapid transformation of the country into a First World Nation.

He further said it was a shame that Nigeria has become a laughing stock within the international community and the dispatches from their foreign embassies would further depict our country in bad light due to the actions of a few selfish politicians.

Nda-Isaiah said he wondered why duly elected members of the National Assembly would be denied entry into their places of work to do their constitutionally assigned responsibilities to the people of Nigeria.

He went ahead to say that this is not how we should nurture the democracy that was fought by so many people, some of whom lost their lives in the process.

He further said the issue of the speakership of the House of Representatives was an issue that was easily determined either by members of the House of Representatives at their plenary or by a competent court of law.

Source: LeadershipNG

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