Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Oando to train 5,000 mechanics

Oando Marketing, a subsidiary of Oando Energy Resources PLC has said that it will train 5,000 mechanics as part of contribution to the federal government’s auto policy.

The Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the company, Mr. Abayomi Awobokun, stated this at the 10th anniversary of the lady mechanic initiative pioneered by Sandra Aguebor, in Lagos.

“Oando has gone very in its plan to train mechanics also. Our plan is to train 5,000 mechanics over the next two to three years in support of the automobile policy of the government. We are trying to prevent a scenario where auto mechanics find that as technology is increasing in cars, they are unable to take part in that value chain.

“We started with 100 mechanics in our pilot programme. They have been in full time education for the last three months. We expect them to graduate in the first week of December and after that they will return to their workshops and then we start the other batches,” he said.

Awobokun, who commended Sandra for initiating the lady mechanic programme said that it has helped to reduce the social malaise associated with women.

“Today is significant because there are many we celebrate which do not change the fabrics of the society. Not only does this allow women to contribute and be gainfully employed, but also empowers women who otherwise will have nothing else to do but to resort to all sorts of negative activities. It takes them off the streets and seeks to give them skills and ensure that not only can they contribute they can take care of themselves and one day start their own businesses and pay their taxes.
He explained that Oando is also investing on workshops to enable motorists have access to good and affordable places to repairs their vehicles.

“We will also be investing in workshops. Our plan is not just to train mechanics, but also to invest in workshops to ensure that when you and I need to fix our vehicles, we are spoilt for choice for quality workshops to take our vehicles to.

“Today, if you do not take your vehicle to the very expensive workshops, you really do not have good places to go. We will not stop at that initiative. It is part of the African plan that we have,” he added.

Source: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/12/oando-to-train-5000-mechanics