Friday, 24 April 2015

[ENJOYMENT NEWS PART 1 & 2] Man and Woman Died Having Marathon Sex on Easter Sunday at Ajegunle, Lagos

I got this news from the pulpit, so it is true. The news had it that two people (Man & Woman) use their legs  go hotel situated at AJegule (AJ City) to "ENJOY" themselves. The man get his own woman in the house while the woman get his own man in the house but on Easter Sunday, two of them decided to taste soup different from the one they have been eating in the house. Guess what happened?
This is part one, I will get back to you with part 2, I want to drink cool water. Stay tuned, don't go away.
So as they reach the Hotel, they booked for hours (am not there the story told) they went in for the "ENJOYMENT". The Hotel attendant checked their time and it is time to come out, they went to the door and knocked. 
Silence! Come back the second time, after that, the door still locked, they decided to break the door and behold they found the man and woman dead necked.

Time to Ponder:
What might have gone wrong. We all kept wondering. Only God might have the answer. I believe God cannot be mocked, whatever I sow, I must reap. Every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner of the house. I am using my tongue to count my teeth, please count yours.
The End.

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