Thursday, 3 November 2016

What Happened the Day I Killed My Mum's Duck

One day I threw a stone and accidentally hit my mother's duck and it died instantly. I thought I was just alone but surprisingly, my sister was right behind me watching.

Then she said "give me N500 and I won’t tell mum" I said “I don’t have but please don't tell her"

 The following day, Mum told her to wash the plates and sweep the surrounding, but she said: "Mum, Emmy said he will do it" Then she came to me and said: "Emmy, you wash the plates and sweep the surrounding or else, don’t forget you killed a Duck"

Without hesitating, I washed the plates and swept the surrounding for her.

The next day, mum told her to go and fetch water and fill the drum. She said again: "Mum, Emmy said he will do it"

Then she came to me and said: "Emmy, you remember that Duck? Fill this drum with water or else...."

That's how i drew water and filled the drum.

That same day in the evening, mum sent her to the market to buy maize meal and again she said: Mum, Emmy said he will go and buy"

She came to me again and said: "Emmy, don’t forget that the duck is still dead, go to the market and buy a bag of maize meal or else......"

I just stood up and went to my Mum with tears in my eyes, I found her seated in the house, I went to her, knelt down and said while crying: "Mum, am so sorry please forgive me. Am the one who killed your duck but it wasn't deliberately, please Mum forgive me am sorry"

Then she replied: "my son, the day you killed the duck, I was at the window watching everything that happened. Your sister made you her slave because you did not want to come to me to confess and apologize. But now u have done it, you will be free, she will no longer use you"

MORAL LESSON: Each time we sin, God sees us and our sins make us slaves, the moment you confess to God and ask for forgiveness, you are set free. O God forgives our sins and set us free.

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