Monday, 26 December 2016

7 tips to landing your dream job

Unemployed people are everywhere; some of us work jobs we don’t like but do it anyways just to get by.
In case you are trying to get a job or change your present job soon, these are a few tips to help you get that dream job you have always desired very quickly.

1. Decide what type of job you want.
A lot of people do not yet even know the kind of job they want. If you want to get a job in a civil engineering company for example, is it a road construction company or a roofing company you want? You have got to decide that first so you know the areas to channel your energy.

2. Speak to people. 
Tell your friends and family, talk to people working in that field already. Let people around you know what kind of job you want. Even if they can’t help right away, they will easily remember to notify you whenever they see any opening or opportunity for you to get in.

3. Get your CV optimized. 
Most people who read the CV’s don’t have the time to scan each one thoroughly to know if they are qualified for the job. So they either roughly browse through each or use software to scan for the relevant keywords. So, get a professional to help you read through and edit the necessary places.

4. Read about your desired field. 
Upgrade your knowledge about the latest trends, industry standards, industry leaders, best practices, problems peculiar to your industry etc.

5. Volunteer. 
Everybody smiles at volunteers, especially large organizations. They could always use someone to help them do the dirty jobs. This can help you gain valuable experience that can be used to get a paid job later on.

6. Upgrade your interview skills. 
Go online and read about how to prepare for an interview and also how to conduct yourself before an interviewer. Don’t wait till you get an interview to learn them. Get used to them now beforehand.

7. Join the same club or church as the boss. 
Join a social gathering that one of the industry leaders in your desired field is a member of and try your best to get noticeably active. One of these days, you both will have a conversation that will lead to something good.

Written by Iyebiye Olawuyi


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