Thursday, 22 December 2016

The SWOT Analysis OF MMM Global BY Wale Ajiboye


Power of PH and GH  

Internet access : Access by internet anywhere around the world

Financial Freedom to worldwide : everyone can manage his or her money the ways he/she want
Easy to operate : The operating system is very easy to operate 

Everyone is clear with the lawfulness before joining :everyone put a mark during the registration, confirming that he was informed about the warning.
Doesn't hide anything and tell everything honestly and openly : MMM say the true about the system of operation


No Guarantee : MMM do not guarantee anyone before joining 

No central Bank : no intermediary on MMM. you pay direct to another participant account  

You take a great risk : MMM is about taking risk

You may lose everything at any moment : you can lose your money at any moment 

No sms alert : no sms alert telling you when you are to PH


Passive Income : it provide income for every participant 

Everyone can write to support on PO : easy to communicate to support for any help 

Affordable ( use spare money ) its affordable , you can use any amount at a start 

Everyone is welcome : MMM allow everyone to join 

Guider's School : it offer Guilder school to help the top leader assist the Downline 


Hackers Attacks
Panic mode : people are panic about the past experience 

Government threat : government threat people to stop doing it 

Media News  : Media mock and update false news about MMM and it cause fair to people life

BY Wale Ajiboye 
Guilders School Batch 234

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