Saturday, 14 January 2017

MMM News: What You Dont Know About MMM (Breaking News of Crash)

I was on my way to Rivers State, from Anambra. I boarded one RTC bus and the journey commenced. All the passengers in the bus were cool and quiet till the moment when we heard from the bus radio, that MMM a.k.a Wonder bank has crashed.

Passenger 1: MMM… hahahahaa, I talk am… I talk am… MMM don craaashh, people go run mad for Nigeria now… hahahaha

Passenger 2: Wetin sef? Why are you disturbing? Who told you that MMM have crashed?

Passenger 1: Didn’t you hear the news? …It was just said in the news

Passenger 1: MMM is satanic, and it has crashed…

Passenger 2: Hmmmm… if MMM is satanic, why should it have any problems at all? They would have just used their diabolic powers to pull people in and make the community grow very well, and the community won’t even experience any hardship at all

Passenger 2: Have you ever heard that the illuminati is having some financial problems?

Passenger 1: Hmmmmm… No

Passenger 2: Some people call MMM 666, just because of the acronym MMM. I know of organizations that have their name as an alphabet repeated up to three or four times, for example I know of a construction company known as CCC, and there are many others. MMM is just “Mavrodi”(the name of the founder; a Russian name) “Mondai” “Movement”

I am a literate. I did not join MMM immediately I heard of it, but after two months. Actually, I wasn’t interested at the first place, but as I kept hearing about it, It got my interest (as of then, MMM wasn’t popular at all in Nigeria). As I got interested, I decided to study the system before participating. I went through the ideology…

Passenger 1: I’m already getting tired, let’s just end it here

Passenger 4: Hahahahahaaaha… I think say una no go tire
Me: I’m still interested in this subject matter o… please; you said that you went through its ideology…

Passenger 2: Yes, I went through its ideology, its modus operandi

Passenger 5: Module gini?
All: #laughs#

Passenger 2 : MMM is not a bank, although it runs like the banks, MMM does not collect your money, it is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program.

Passenger 1: then, what is MMM?

Passenger 2: MMM is a community of people, these people are people that are participants, just like me. I am a participant. These participants provide helps and get helps.
Just like the banks, where people deposit money and withdraw money, in MMM people provide help and get help.

Do you know something about the banks? Some years ago, banks do give interest to people who save their money in the bank (people who deposits). The banks do give up to 15% interest per month to people who deposit money, for instance, if I deposit a sum of #100000, in a month time, I’ll be having #115000. Where do you think the banks get that extra 15% interest from, to give to all their costumers?

Passenger 1: that’s a very simple question, the banks get the money from the businesses they do with people’s money and the extra money they charge (interest) they collect from people they loan out money to

Passenger 2: Hmmmm, profit from business… loans…
Does business favour them all the time? Do people come to borrow money from banks all the time?
Anyway, let’s say you’re right.
I have another question, now, where do the bank get money to build more banks? (which can cause about 8million Naira per structure)… where do they get money to renovate their old banks? (which can cause about 1million Naira)… where do they get the money they use in paying their workers? (let’s say they pay each worker #30000 per month and there are 10 workers in the bank: N30, 000 x 10 workers = N300, 000 in each month, N300000 x 12months = N360, 0000, just in a year) Abeg where are they getting the money from?
Abii dem dey do ritual?

Passenger 1: Hmmmmmmmm, to be sincere, I don’t know

Passenger 2: Mmmhmmm… now listen, the bank uses our money (my money and your money) to make most of their expenses, they spend our money.
The banks do this because, they believe that not everyone will withdraw at the same time (Aisha comes to the bank today to withdraw #10, 000 from the money she have in the bank (which the bank most have spent), Joseph comes to deposit #200, 000, the banker will remove #10, 000 from Joseph’s money and give it to Aisha and Aisha leaves)

All you know is that you have a sum of N4, 200, 805 in your bank account, the bank will keep making use of your money, cos they believe that you won’t come and withdraw the whole money once, and even if you do, there will be always someone else who will be depositing. The bank owners and government don’t sweat, yet they earn more, they eat our money.

Do you know that with the amount of money in circulation, and the money the banks run, they can afford to give their costumers 50% of their deposits, monthly, but they won’t, they just enrich themselves and spend our money, you might not understand these things that I’m saying, only bankers and good economists will.

Passenger 1: Hmmm…

Passenger 2: Money circulates in MMM as it does in banks, but unlike the banks, MMM is totally an online stuff and it have no need for constructing building, renovating old buildings or paying workers, instead, the money being circulated is used to pay each participant his/her deposit + 30% interest (reward)

Passenger 1: Eeeheenn… why is everything about MMM online? It makes it unsafe and unreliable

Passenger 2: Unsafe… that’s not true, even offline businesses can close down at any time sef
Banks sef, can be liquidated at anytime.
But the reason for MMM being online is this:
When Mr. Mavrodi initially started MMM in his country, Russia, it was offline stuff, people were convinced and joined the community, and things were going well. As of then, MMM had a building with tight security and a safe where all the money were kept (just like banks today). As time passed, MMM participants (then, MMM was only in Russia) started living very well, as money circulated among the participants, they started businesses, build houses, bought cars, participants were just living well, and MMM was being promoted. The Russia government got angry; they made up allegations against the founder of MMM and MMM itself. They arrested Mavrodi, imprisoned him and closed down the MMM building, taking all the money there. If the government was a good one, they should have returned all the money to the various participants (who were the true owners of the money) but they claimed the money …they took all the money (human beings makes up the government, and these human beings took the money, I’d better say that they stole it)

After what took a while, Mavrodi was released from prison. Of course challenges make wise people wiser and strong people stronger. Mavrodi, while still in prison was thinking of how to make this financial liberating community, immune to any external enemy, and he got an idea. The idea was to make it, in such a way that everything be done online, using a satellite instead of a mass (so that the government will NOT be able to shut it down) and using the terms “provide help” and “get help” (as there is no law that frowns at donations). With this brilliant idea, Mavrodi was able to make MMM totally immune to external factors (enemies)

Mr. Sergei Mavrodi introduced this new face of MMM to his fellow Russians again (If indeed, he took their money; as the government told Russia MMM participants, Mavrodi wouldn’t have the guts to introduce MMM to them again). But he did, and they; knowing exactly what happened to their money, knowing that Mr. Mavrodi wasn’t the fraud but the government, they went ahead and registered in MMM again, since then till now (for more than 8 years) MMM have been growing. If you think that MMM isn’t in Russia, just go to this website: . MMM is not only in Russia but also in 119 countries in the world.

Passenger 1: Hmmmm… okay o… but, does this Mavrodi just open MMM and makes no profit from it? from your explanation, I can’t see how he makes his own money

Passenger 2: Calm down… this is the answer to your question. Initially, when MMM started in Russia, when it was still offline stuff, Mr. Mavrodi and his coworkers made their money by participating (i.e. providing helps) in the community. But after his stay in the prison, with his new idea of making the scheme an online stuff, he now gets his money via the net, just as Mark Zuckerberg makes his money in Facebook, as people log in, writes posts, upload pictures and make comments in Facebook. Mr. Mavrodi makes his money as participants logs into their MMM offices, upload POP (Prove of Payment; bank teller), and do other stuffs in their MMM offices. Mr. Mavrodi also gets paid from Google, because he uses and promotes Google accessories (such as; Google forms, Google docs, Google slide, Google sheets, Google hangout, etc), as he runs MMM Guiders’ school. He makes a lot of money, more than enough to pay his workers (programmers, guiders’ school teachers, etc)

Passenger 2: MMM has over 10 safety nets which will never make it crash. These nets are;
1. Pause mode
2. 14 days defrost
3. Extension of the getting help hours
4. Seeking help from neighboring country
5. No central account attached
7.  Peer to peer  system
8. Guiders' efforts
9. PH match hours extension
10. Website upgrades and security

1. Pause mode
This process is applied when the numbers of the people getting help is greater than the people help. The system will pause the GH transactions and allow more PH to come into the system for the duration of 2 and half months, then the system will now restart.
 PH means provide help and the GH means get help

2. 14 days defrost
The participants will not be able to withdraw their money until after 14 days when the payments have been confirmed. During this process, more PH would have come into the system therefore there would be pool of cash to pay the old participants.

3. Extension of GH hours
This occurs when there is a public holidays when the banks are not working therefore, there won't be transaction and it may cause the problem to the system. The system will now extend the hours of the people who are getting help at that period to allow more People providing help into the system.

4. Help seeking from neighboring country
When there are more GH than PH in a country, MMM will look into the other countries which are doing well and match them together, pending the time that the affected country will be OK.

6. No central account attached
MMM  does not have a certain account that we are sending money to. MMM doesn't collect your money. You pay directly to another participant, and another participant pays directly to you.

7. Peer to peer system
Participants pay directly to the bank account of the other participants seeking help

8. Guiders' efforts
Guiders are the heartbeat of MMM, guiders make sure each and everyone in MMM understand the Ideology of MMM and how it works

9. PH  match hours extension
When the system finds out that there are more GH than PH, the system will extend the hour of old PH so that to hold down their order matches duration and during this period, the system will allow more new PH to come into the system to get it balanced.

10, Website upgrades and security
MMM spends millions of dollars in taking care of their website to cub online fraud in MMM, such as scam and other Threats.

MMM keeps putting measures in place to ensure the sustainability of the system, but as with every system is run by the people, the sustainability of MMM Nigeria will depend on the attitude of its participants.

Passenger 1: Hmmmm… To be frank, you’re making a point shaa

Passenger 1: But, why does the government and news speak against MMM, they say that it is risky, that it can crash at anytime and now, they say that it have already crashed.

Passenger 2: News? …mtcheew …that’s what you listen to? …the media only says what the government instructs them to say.
MMM did not crash, MMM just freezed mavros for 30days (cos, programmers are doing a serious work in all MMM offices) you shouldn’t listen to all those story, if you want to be sure of the facts, go to their website and see for yourself. The government knows that MMM is already immune to their attacks, external factors can’t affect MMM. So, the government uses another method; this method is aimed at putting fear in participants of MMM, by either publishing their empty threats through the media, or paying the media to post all sorts of nonsense about MMM (posts like MMM will crash, MMM have crashed, MMM site is to shut down on December 14th, Father kills children because of MMM, etc) when they successfully install fear into MMM participants, the participants will begin to withdraw from MMM.

The government tries to discourage people from participating and gaining from the community, though most government workers and bankers are participating and gaining o, but they don’t want others to enjoy what they are enjoying. Some media team sees MMM as a means of getting popular; they make interesting posts of MMM in their sites, as MMM seems to be the topic of the day.

Our government doesn’t want good for us, why do they talk bad of only MMM? All the time… MMM. They don’t advice people to quit participating in baba-ijebu, Naira-bet, Pool, and all these schemes that destroys our youths, our government doesn’t see anything bad in those schemes, but they are against MMM that have been empowering our youths, including me. People have been able to start up businesses, achieve their dreams, pay school fees and hospital bills, infact, my brother, if not for MMM, with the state of the economy, even payment of NEPA bill won’t be easy
When FG owed our parents for months, did the media make noise?

When shares bought for millions of naira all of a sudden falls to thousands did the media make noise?
They don't want to see other people progress.
Because MMM is giving 30% to the masses in the country all of a sudden the government and the media are discouraging people.
Ok good, we should stop MMM and then do what?
Any job?
Any hope?
Instead they keep making life hard for people.

Institutions keep increasing their fees, transport fares keep increasing, go to the market with N10,000 and see if you'll come back with anything?

I have talked so much in this bus, I’d better stop here.

If you want to join MMM, join. If you don’t want to join don’t join. But, for God’s sake stop saying false things of MMM. Even some people are bribed to say that God said, when God did not. While some pastors leaves the word of God, and preaches negative of MMM (and the worst part of it is that they don’t even know the ideology of MMM, they just talk about MMM because it is already a popular scheme)

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