Friday, 21 July 2017

Why shopping online saves your life and money By Victor

Online shopping for various consumer products like phones, ACs, fridges, cosmetics, food and fashion is a popular way to shop globally. In fact shopping online or otherwise known as ecommerce is so big in China that it represent 10% of sales in that country. Online Shopping has grown in Nigeria over the past 10 years with foreign backed companies like Kalahari (exited Nigeria  in 2012), Jumia and indigenous companies like (since 2007), Konga (since 2012)  pioneering and innovating in the online space in Nigeria

Here are 5 fun reasons to shop online at

Value for Money: The price of products are cheaper on because sellers have lower overheads when they sell the same quality products online and these sellers can pass on these savings to customers. also charges a low seller commissions to its vetted sellers which results in a lower sale price for the same product in the physical store.
Time saved: saves online shoppers time the would have spent commuting in traffic to the physical store to shop the same products.

Convenience: Online customers on save time shopping online from the convenience of their laptop or tablet 24/7.

Safety: has a nice escrow system that ensures buyers are happy with the products before payment is released to the seller. In a few weeks time all products will be insured so there is money back guarantee on products and delivery of products 
Research: allows valued buyers to research and compare products from the safety and comfort of their homes or offices before buying

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