Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A SWOT Analysis Presented by APUYOR STANLEY


1. The MMM platform is Easy access and user friendly.
Its based on a great ideology of provide and get help endlessly.
2. The founder is a goal getter,selfless and he is a man of the people.
3. Over 100 million participant/members around the world.
4. MMM operates in over 120 countries
Propagates message of universal financial freedom.
5. Selflessness of the participants to donate to people in need.
6. Weekly and continuous training and recruitment of guiders.


1. No guarantee for any loss of money.
2. It does not invove been expertrait as Some participants are not computer literate.
3. Long hours of issue solving by the support team.
4. Poor communication between guiders and other participants.
5. Blocking of personal office through administrative error.


1. Gives extra income for the masses.
2. Accepts donations even from low income earners and hence encourages poverty reduction.
3. Creates employments for both learned and unlearned individual.
4. Creates fair and worthy financial system in the world.
5. Creates adequate trust among the participants.


1. Dishonesty and insincerity among participants.
2. Greed and selfishness of some participants.
3. Panic among participants.
4. Non adherence to the rule of non participation with critical amount.
5. Media and institutional propaganda against the community.
6. Dishonesty and insincerity among participants.
7. Existence of other financial social networks and MLM companies.
8. Upload of fake POP.

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