Monday, 18 September 2017

Saraki Wants Nigerian Leaders To Adopt Leadership Strategies That Can Transform Nigeria By Terfa Naswem

The Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki wants Nigerian leaders to step out of the normal leadership sphere and make extraordinary impact on Nigerians by adopting more impactful leadership strategies. It has always been the desire of Saraki for Nigerians to enjoy enormous dividends of democracy which they have been bereft of for so long.
Saraki says since he assumed office as the presiding officer of the 8th Senate on the 9th of June 2015, his focus has been to build an effective and efficient legislature that directly impacts the lives of all Nigerians.

In a statement signed by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Yusuph Olaniyonu, Saraki emphasized the role of the legislature in a young democracy like Nigeria is often misconstrued; hence, it is necessary for the National Assembly to work towards positively influencing the lives of all Nigerians through its powers of lawmaking, oversight and advocacy.

Throughout his period as the governor of Kwara State from 2003 to 2011, he ensured that he led reforms in agriculture, health, education, finance and environment policy.  One of his major achievements was inviting displaced White farmers from Zimbabwe to Kwara State and offering them an opportunity to farm. This led to the establishment of Shonga Farms Programme, which is being replicated across Nigeria. His charisma among his fellow governors got him appointed Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum.

During his tenure, Kwara became the first state to complete the Nigeria Independent Power Project; he introduced new health programmes including a state-wide campaign in 2008 to reduce maternal and child mortality from malaria; he introduced agricultural policy reforms to increase the commercial viability of farming, and also the volume of exports to international markets; he led significant and state-wide infrastructural development including improvements at the Ilorin International Airport Cargo Terminal, extensive road construction, and development of new sporting facility such as the Kwara Football Academy.

Saraki adopted an extraordinary leadership strategy that gave him the credence that the people of Kwara State will benefit greatly from his leadership prowess which actually came to reality.

Saraki as the Senate President has ensured that the constitution is reviewed for the overall benefit of Nigerians. He is passionate about human development and was strongly behind all the bills that serve the interest of Nigerians so that they will unearth the ripple of excitement in Nigeria and put a grin on the faces of Nigerians.

As the days become dark and the nights become dreary, Saraki wants Nigerian leaders from all aspects to make potent impact on Nigerians no matter the sacrifice required. He wants them to put the interest of the public above personal and political interest and adopt pragmatic leadership strategies that will not only foster development, tranquillity and transform Nigeria, but will also leave indelible marks in the lives of Nigerians and their names will be written in the “good books” of Nigerians never to be expunged.

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