Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Facts about the 45th President of United States of America

1. Donald Trump self-sponsored himself throughout the campaign and finally the election...the very first politician to have done that in the history of USA politics 

2. In other words... there is no SPECIAL INTEREST...GROUPS OR CULT that co-sponsored his election 

3. Almost every Presidential candidate before his foray into the Presidential position solicited for his funds which he generous gave.

4. I'm not surprised by the alleged aggression towards ladies which probably happened when he was in the throes of his adolescence that comes with wealth

5. Nonetheless...there are facts you need know about the 45th President of the USA...Donald Trump is a complete "teetotaller"...he's a disciplinarian of the top echelon as none of his children...drinks...smoke or has a dot of tattoo on their skin same as Trump!
The only telephone call he picks under a tight schedule is call from any of his children which is a mark of one who doesn't joke with any of his children albeit his grandchildren 

6. He was earning $220 - $250 million dollars monthly and now as President of USA...he earns "NADA"! I repeat $1 dollars as refusing to earn his income is a violation of the constitution so he deliberately earns a dollar and donates his remaining $399 thousand not millions but $399 thousand dollars to charity every month which means he will be TAX-FREE throughout his term as PRESIDENT OF THE USA...no American President has ever done it!!

7. He was accurately predicted that he would win the Presidency as far back as almost a decade ago 

8. He's extremely versatile in almost every subject but also a perfectionist 

9. He believes ABSOLUTELY in the HOLY CREED! He's anti-gay...anti-bestial...name it! He believes in the HOLY CREED! That was why he couldn't keep a mistress...it's divorce and remarriage! He has abrogated the Lindford Johnson law preventing Christian Organizations from ever campaigning for any candidate! He has also removed and uprooted from the USA Whitehouse Website anything related to gay or bestiality

10. He picked a hardline "born again" as Vice-President because of his hatred for early termination of pregnancies! He believes abortion is death to a living human being and thus the USA policy by Obama to have your abortions done outside the soil of USA AND PAID BY THE USA was totally abolished by TRUMP!!

11. During Osama’s reign Christians were slaughtered seriously all over the world especially in the Middle East and OBAMA DID NOTHING!! I mean NOTHING!! Obama is a "concealed" Islamic fundamentalist! He allowed the establishment of ISIS TO FLOURISH during his tenure and they were untouchable but under TRUMP within a year(actually 10 months)...ISIS now decimated in IRAQ and about to be annihilated in Syria but for the Russians! Obama insisted that aid or military support will only suffice "if and only if" African Countries abolish GAY LAWS...conclusively OBAMA DID NOTHING FOR AFRICA...nothing...NADA!! TRUMP has already donated warships to Nigeria and weapons to eliminate all forms of threats to sovereignty of Nigeria...less than 10 months and about to assist in the repatriation of stolen funds from the US Soil! 

12. He's deeply at loggerheads with Angela Merkel the German Chancellor for the policy of admitting 1 million refugees from the Middle East and as far as he's concerned GERMANY IS ENCOURAGING TERRORISM by allowing a safe-haven for terrorist! This has made Merkel to soft-pedal! He personally went to the Middle-East to warn them killing of Christians will not be tolerated and this as a fact has made Egypt to take threats to the Christians nau Coptics in Egypt to be protected 

13. The backlash has exposed Quatar as a terrorist state sponsor which has imposed AIR...SEA and several bans on the sovereign state.
14. The economy of the USA especially the STOCK MARKET came to its peak from the moment TRUMP was sworn in as President and constantly closes its daily trades in TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!! Never in the history of USA has that been achieved 

15. No special interest or group can do anything to him that is why he TALKS ANYHOW TO ANYBODY OR GROUP!! He's not tied to any financial group which makes him call a SPADE THAT SPADE!!!

16. No one is doing anything or even protecting Christians in the U.K except TRUMP!!

17. No one is protecting Christians in any other country in the world except TRUMP! You tamper or touch a Christian anywhere in the world...YOU HAVE TOUCHED TRUMP and you will soon face DECIMATION as he has a WARMONGER called GENERAL "MAD DOG...WAR MONK JAMES MATTIS as his Defense Chief!

18. A Christian Organization has been going through persecution in UK for months and UK did nothing as almost all the MAYORS are MUSLIMS so they sent a video to TRUMP as it's now a fact THAT AMERICA NOW HAS A CRUSADER IN THE WHITE HOUSE CALLED TRUMP!!!

19. We (Christians in the UK) now feel SO RE-ASSURED that there's a CRUSADER OF THE HOLY CROSS AND CREED designed and organized by the HOLY ONE sent to do one fact...PROTECT AND PRESERVE THE TENETS OF HIS CREED and HIS PEOPLE otherwise Christians and other minority faiths would have been annihilated under that woman called CLINTON!

20. Lies upon lies by all the NETWORK will never allow you know the above facts but truth can never be hidden 

21. I was in USA recently and I loved the way the Muslims were thoroughly searched and questioned...many were carrying fat files just to convince the US BORDER FORCE but they were not MOVED! I noticed same in Australia...no veils and if you don't like it...GET OUT OF AUSTRALIA!! That's the message from TRUMP!! USA is a Christian State...UK was reminded by TRUMP...you are a Christian State and must protect CHRISTIANS 
CONCLUSION: TRUMP IS GOD SENT TO PROTECT HIS PEOPLE ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA AND ALL OVER THE WORLD!! I LOVE HIM (TRUMP) with all my heart and soul as it was one of my happiest days on earth the day he won the USA Presidential Election and good riddance to that nonsense gay apologist Obama...I personally want EVERY LEGACY OF OBAMA TO BE WIPED OUT!! Nonsense man!! I'm so miffed but I rest with apologies...

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