Sunday, 19 April 2020

How to Make money from MyCupOne Dot Net

One of my friend - Nigerian but reside in United Kingdom sent me a WhatsApp message and it reads " It is real. I ignored it. The following day, he called me to ask if I registered and I said no. For me I don't have time to engage in all those time-wasting online job.

After asking him questions, I decided to try it by registering as there is no financial commitment. After registering, I received $10 just for registering. He later called me to put me through on how to complete my daily task.

Right now, I want to show you how to complete your daily task.

Step One - Register here:

Step Two: Login to your account and scroll down to OFFER LIST

Step Three:
Click on any of the offers, the click on generate. The new account details will be filled automatically. Note that you are not going to use your personal details. After clicking on Generate.

Step Four: Then click on Continue.

Step Five: Click on Complete.

When you click on Complete, you have completed the first task. You have 10 task to complete daily and your account will be credited when job is approved. Approval takes up to 24 hours. So you will not see your account credited immediately.

How Do You Get Paid

There are nine (10) payment methods, they are:
1. PayPal
2. Payza
3. Web Money WMZ
4. Bitcoin
5. Skrill
6. PM
7. Liqpay
9. CashU
10. Bank Wire Transfer

You can use any of these methods to receive your payment, meanwhile, I want to advice you to go for PM (Perfect Money) - you can create your account online at When you get paid, you can easily sell it online and get cash. 

Do you have any question, feel free to call me and I will be happy to answer you.

The Minimum amount for withdrawal is $120 and Ordered payments are made automatically with 28th on the 30th day of every month. This means the you get payment once in a month but as a PRO USER, you can get paid anytime.

How to Convert Your Payment to Naira

Your payment will be in US Dollar but you can sell it online and collect your money in Naira. Let's assume you used PM (Perfect Money) to collect your money. You can approach Online Money Sellers eg. Naira4Dollar ( ) and check how much they buy. There are many of them that can buy from you. So research and find a better offer for yourself.

So assuming you have $120 PM money to sell and the exchange price for that day is N385/$, then you multiply 120 by 385 and that will come up to N46, 200 ( Fourty Six Thousand Two Hundred Naira).

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