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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Otobase Solutions: Your Best Car tracking company in Lagos, Nigeria.

Of a truth, Otobase solutions have proven her indigenous worth as a car tracking company in Lagos, Nigeria.

You can always rest assured that your car(s) would have the best tracking devices ever.
Over the years, they have seen the non-responsive effects of installing gps trackers that aren’t suitable for your car. Thus, their modified strategies to ensure your car is not exposed to an incompatible tracking device, is indomitable. This is one reason you need Otobase solutions to help you make the best choices that would enable you enjoy the durability of your car.

With a good track record of integrity and standard service delivery, Otobase car tracking products and services have been able to meet each customer's needs. Whether tracking and managing a personal car, company fleet, construction machines and equipment, vessels on ocean, lease vehicles, pets and other special assets, Otobase Solutions has become a preferred car tracking service provider.
With Otobase solutions, the best vehicle GPS trackers in the market can also be made available to you at an affordable rate. 

Otobase is most concerned about making you happy with a GPS tracker that stands out and offers 100 per cent vehicle location, thanks to real-time GPS tracking. The addition of a three-axis acceleration meter makes for an even higher pinpoint detection of a car's location (and updates can be provided as often as every five seconds).
Setting up geographic fencing or boundaries is easy if you want to get real-time notifications.

As one of the leading companies in Nigeria that introduced latest technologies in the GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracking system, personal tracker, CCTV, etc., one can barely underestimate their technical capacity as it is one of the best car tracking companies in Nigeria today. Their experienced, competent technical experts and highly trained Engineers who work in different areas of security system deliver best product and services, designed to add value to insurance companies, Haulage companies, Taxi/transportation companies, corporate organizations and individuals.

Otobase solutions has become the first choice for customers who were dissatisfied with the poor tracker services rendered by other companies in Nigeria and had their devices uninstalled and installed our trackers to enjoy our consistent and standard service delivery.

The sophisticated tracking platform of Otobase is robust, secure, flexible and user friendly with 99.9% up time guarantee. It has everything you will need in a car tracking software and they are able to customize their car tracking software to meet your specific needs.  It is mobile friendly with app for Android, iOS and windows mobile devices.

With many consecutive years in the tracking security system, they have developed and established lasting solutions for their numerous satisfied clients around the nation.
To enjoy utmost professionalism using quality materials, outstanding client support and accessibility, get in touch with us today at or you could call us on any of these numbers 08066945656, 08090997772, 08126526912 for an amazing experience that will definitely soothe your taste. Don’t miss this one opportunity to save cost and enjoy best services ever.