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Monday, 1 December 2014

Kano mosque attack, sin against God – Pope

LAGOS—CATHOLIC Pontiff, Pope Francis has condemned the deadly attacks that occurred at the Emir of Kano’s Central mosque in Kano, which claimed about 200 lives, describing it as an “extremely serious sin against God.”

Kano bomb attack ‘planned for at least 2 months’

Muhammad Sanusi II, the emir of Kano, said Friday’s attack on the Ado Bayero central mosque in the city might have been planned for two months.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Kano mosque blast: Death toll rises to 120

At least 120 people were killed and 270 others wounded on Friday when two suicide bombers blew themselves up and gunmen opened fire during weekly prayers at the mosque of one of Nigeria’s top Islamic leaders.

The attack at the Grand Mosque in Kano, the biggest city in the mainly Muslim north of the country, came just as Friday prayers had started.

The mosque is attached to the palace of the Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi II, Nigeria’s second most senior Muslim cleric, who last week urged civilians to take up arms against Boko Haram.

The blasts came after a bomb attack was foiled against a mosque in the northeastern city of Maiduguri earlier on Friday, five days after two female suicide bombers killed over 45 people in the city.